Do you support a 30% pay increase for pharmacists?

We do, and that’s why we’re demanding it!

Pharmacists are not script monkeys, so they shouldn’t be paid in peanuts.

Pharmacists’ jobs have increased in responsibility and complexity in the past few years, yet low pay is dragging community pharmacy down. The minimum wages set out in the Pharmacy Industry Award no longer reflect the important role and value of community pharmacists.

The situation is so bad that pharmacists are now among the lowest paid health professionals in Australia.

Professional Pharmacists Australia is demanding a national 30% increase to pharmacists award wages. We’re standing up to the Guild, and standing up to the discount pharmacist owners who benefit from lower wages.

On December 16, we lodge our submission to the Fair Work Commission to increase award wages for community pharmacists, and we need 18,682 people to support our call. That’s 1 for every pharmacist in Australia.

Do you support a liveable and fair wage for pharmacists?

We need 18,682 endorsements!

1 for every pharmacist in Australia

Will you join our call?