• Making a case for change

    Pharmacists are making a case for change: for putting patients first, and lifting standards in the sector. In the past few weeks, as part of our submission to the Federal Government’s Review of Pharmacy, Professional Pharmacists Australia received a number of very detailed insights into the current state of the profession. They paint a difficult picture, but we must seek to +

  • Q+A for lifting pharmacists’ pay

    Lifting pharmacists’ pay: Q+A Lifting pharmacists’ pay, how? What’s the process?  Every four years, the Fair Work Commission runs a process, that +

  • Growing support from across the profession.

    Our campaign for lifting pay is growing in support. As Professional Pharmacists Australia campaign director, I often get calls from pharmacy +

  • Setting the direction

    Our campaign to lift pharmacists’ pay is just getting started. Employee pharmacists’ work values were last assessed in mid-1998 by +

  • Hope drives our campaign

    After so many years of stagnating salaries, it’s understandable that some pharmacists might be finding it hard to see that there is +

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