Chemists to trial COVID-19 tests for all flu medicine purchases

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Medical groups have warned of dire consequences under a trial to conduct on-the-spot coronavirus tests in select pharmacies.

Queenslanders will be given COVID-19 tests in five pharmacies across the state under a trial the State Government will press ahead with despite dire warnings from medical groups.

Queensland Health has confirmed the trial will begin in coming months.

Under the trial, people presenting with COVID-19 symptoms will be offered a test on the spot, in an attempt to catch those currently not presenting at official testing sites.

Under the trial, people won’t be able to directly request a COVID-19 test, and participating pharmacies will have to have proper training, a safe place to carry out the test and wear personal protective equipment.

The pharmacies will not be advertised so as not to draw people there who want a COVID-19 test.

But they are in the Townsville, Cairns, West Moreton and Metro North health regions.

AMA Queensland president Professor Chris Perry said the plan would put pharmacy employees, customers and the general public at considerable risk.

“We don’t want people who believe they may have COVID-19 wandering through shopping centres or into a pharmacy to be tested,” Prof Perry said.

“This creates unrealistic contact tracing measures and negative business impacts for pharmacies and co-located shops if a positive case is recorded.”

Prof Perry said pharmacies were visited by some of the more vulnerable people in the community, and exposure to COVID-19 would put them at greater risk of not only contracting the virus, but death.

The Professional Pharmacists of Australia has previously said it would blockade pharmacies carrying out the testing under the “half-baked” and “crazy” plan, but the Pharmacy Guild supports it.