PPA Responds to consultation questions for HMR RMMR Aged Care funding

Download our response to the consultation questions for HMR RMMR Aged Care funding via the link below.

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Dr Geoff March, president of Professional Pharmacists, in conjunction members has prepared a response to the consultation for the proposed introduction of follow-up services for the Home Medicines Review (HMR) and Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) Programs and changes to the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) programs utilising the funding announced in response to the Aged Care Royal Commission Interim Report.

Australian Government Department of Health Implementations

It is pleasing that much of PPA’s suggestions has been picked up by the government. We are particularly pleased with the first dot point.  Over two decades ago, this was the model DR Geoff March  developed but unfortunately was never taken up when his research was converted in to the HMR/RMMR programs. It’s been a long wait, but at least we got there!

The Department intends to implement the following, which is broadly supported by stakeholders:
  • Introduction of up to two follow up services for the HMR and RMMR Programs undertaken on the basis of clinical need.
  • Referral pathways for HMR and RMMR expanded to allow for any medical practitioner to initiate a service; this includes general practitioners, specialists and hospital doctors.
  • Service providers to load outcomes of the initial service and any follow up service(s) for the HMR and RMMR programs into the patient’s My Health Record (if there is one) or provide these documents to the patient and their healthcare team, including the referring doctor, the patient, the carer, the aged care facility and the community pharmacy (each if identified/applicable).
  • The follow-up HMR and RMMRs services to be preferably undertaken by the same accredited pharmacist who undertook the initial HMR or RMMR, however provisions put in place for an alternative accredited pharmacist or a registered pharmacist to undertake the follow-up in consultation with the referring medical practitioner and the pharmacist providing the initial review.

In relation to the Quality Use of Medicines Program, service providers to escalate the level of activities they are providing with an associated doubling of funding, which may include:

  • Undertaking additional activities; and
  • Following up on previous activities to ensure uptake and/or implementation has been effected.
Once the scope and detail of these changes have been finalised, amendments to be made to the professional standards and guidelines and program rules.