Work value case

Professionals Australia's market rates surveys show that over the last twenty years the rates of pay for pharmacists have stagnated or decreased. There are a number of reasons why this has taken place but one of the most significant factors is the increase in the percentage of women pharmacists in the pharmacy workforce. The Association ran a major work value case for pharmacists over the last year.

We were seeking significant increases in the award rates of pay and the introduction of a new allowance for pharmacists with the Accredited Pharmacist qualification. Principal Industrial Officer Jacki Baulch reports that the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission recently handed down a Decision granting pharmacists work value increases of 15% pay increase and they also resolved to introduce a new allowance of $106 per week for pharmacists who are required to undertake HMRs and RMMRs. Ms Baulch also advises that as a result of the pharmacists work value case the Fair Work Commission has announced a review into the pay relativities degree graduate pharmacists, and all other graduates, and other occupational groups.

This review has the potential of delivering further pay increases of up to 20%