Pharmacists Industrial Relations Changes 

The Federal Government’s proposed industrial relations reforms which will see hard won rights and conditions taken away from pharmacy workers.

The laws have now passed the lower house and are currently under consideration by the Senate. We are expecting the Morrison Government to try and push through the IR Omnibus Bill THIS WEEK.

To have an impact on the result, we must contact cross bench Senators NOW and ask them to vote against this unfair bill.


What do the proposed industrial relations reforms mean for me?

The reforms make significant changes to the working conditions and entitlements of pharmacists, technicians and other pharmacy workers, particularly those employed on a casual or part time basis, or those who change jobs.

They include changes to the Pharmacy Award which will allow employers to relocate employees to other businesses and require them to do work they are not employed to do, without the ability of the Fair Work Commission to determine that these employer requirements are unreasonable.

If I’m a casual or part time employee or I change my job, how will I be affected??

The reforms will enable an employer to class an employee as a casual worker regardless of whether they have been working regular or full time hours over an extended period of time.  An employee will not be able to successfully argue they should be classed and a permanent employee. 

This means if you change jobs, or even change job roles with your current employer these changes could impact you.

Because of the insecure nature of their employment, casual employees also have difficulty getting loans from banks and other lending institutions. 

Under the reforms, part time employees can be asked to work additional hours without overtime rates and will have no guarantee of their hours. Part-time employees will become just like casual employees, except they won’t be paid the casual loading.

What are we doing about it?

After playing such an important role in protecting community health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s pharmacy workers deserve much better.

Professional Pharmacists Australia opposes these industrial relations reforms which will hurt pharmacy workers and strip away hard-won rights.

We’ve already voiced our opposition to these reforms in a submission to the Senate Inquiry and along with other unions we’ll be lobbying the cross-bench Senators asking them not to pass the legislation.  We are also making your voice heard in the media.

What can I do?

To stop these harmful laws, you can send your personal message to the cross bench Senators explaining how these laws will hurt you and why they must oppose them. 



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Together, we’ll continue fighting the most extreme attack on our rights since WorkChoices. 

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Don’t forgot to forward this email to your colleagues and ask for their support in stopping this Bill and to join our union!

Together, we’ll continue fighting the most extreme attack on our rights since WorkChoices.

Thank you for your support

Dr Geoff March
Professional Pharmacists Australia