• Description

  • Insurances

  • Journey Insurance
    Journey Insurance policy provides cover for members who suffer injuries while travelling to and from work.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance plus support
    As an employee pharmacist, you know that a legal claim could be a big setback for your career. Underwritten by one of Australia’s biggest insurers, CGU, membership with Professional Pharmacists Australia includes Professional Indemnity Insurance that meets AHPRA requirements for employee pharmacists.

    What is covered?

    Members are covered for the full scope of practice you are registered and qualified to perform as an employee pharmacist under AHPRA standards – including activities such as medicine checks, and immunisations.

    Our policy includes an extension for Health Professionals working overseas. For example, this means that if you go to the United Kingdom on a working holiday you can keep up your PPA membership and retain the benefit of our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    The policy will not cover dishonest criminal acts or known circumstances of existing claims against members.

    Click here for full policy wording
  • Support campaigns for respect

  • Lift pay by 30% in the Pharmacy Award
    Your membership is an investment in our campaigns to lift pay in pharmacy.
  • Regular updates
    Members receive exclusive updates about our campaigns, and working issues in pharmacy.
  • Access to webinars + seminars
  • Workplace Support Basic

  • Individual workplace advice and support
    As a member, you can call our team of workplace lawyers to discuss your situation at work. There experts in all matters that you face and work and help you deal with difficult situations.
  • Pharmacy Remuneration Report
    Members receive a free copy PPA’s annual salary report that details market wages and trends in the pharmacy sector.
  • Your Professionals Training packages and support
    Our Young Professionals Team provides career coaching, online training packages, and regular seminars to help you take the next step in your pharmacy career.
  • Employment Contract reviews
    Got a question about your employment contract, or received a new offer? Our workplace lawyers can provide you with detailed advice about your employment contract to help you make an informed decision.
  • Workers compensation referral
    Been injured at work? Need advice on what to do? Our workplace lawyers are able to provide a referral to an appropriate practitioner.
  • Workplace Support Plus

  • Representation in a court or tribunal
    If you need to be represented in a court or tribunal on a workplace related matter (such as unfair dismissal) our workplace lawyers will provide you with this support, at no extra cost.
  • Wage Negotiations
    In a workplace that is covered by an EBA or collective agreement? PPA will provide expert negotiators and organisers to help you and colleagues get the best deal possible.
  • Addressing workplace issues affecting groups of members
    Got an issue in the workplace that is affecting a few of you and want help? Our organising and workplace legal team can assist.
  • Workplace law specialists available on call.
    Got a particularly sensitive issue at work? Need a lawyer about a workplace matter. Our lawyers are on call.
  • Financial

  • Exclusive Discounts through Member Advantage
    Want discounts on petrol, groceries and other everyday products and services? With Member Advantage you can save $100s each month via our exclusive deals that have been negotiated for PPA members.
  • Financial planning seminars
    Free planning seminars for you to attend in person and online.
  • Basic financial planning
    Members can access a basic individual financial plan, at no extra cost.
  • Career

  • Individual career counselling with an expert – 4 sessions per year
    Want to sharpen up your resume or LinkedIn profile? Our career counsellors can assist.
  • Career guides
    Access to PPA career guides providing key insights across a range of issues.
  • Online CPD via SHPA
    A quality CPD program tailored specifically for pharmacists. We have a special partnership with SHPA which gives you access to a whole load of CPD points, included with your membership.
  • Published Industry briefings
    As part of the Professional Australia group, you get access to insights into not only the Pharmacy Sector, but other sectors employing technical and health professionals.
  • Certifcate of Professional Practice
    Designed for professionals, this new offering provides you with training on skills such as negotiation, management, giving presentations, interview skills and loads more topics that related to your professional career.
  • Assistance for tribunal representation

PPA Protect

$18per month
$18per month
  • tax-deductible
  • Membership includes professional indemnity insurance backed by Berkley Insurance and fortnightly e-news.

PPA Assist

$35.92per month
$35.92per month
  • tax-deductible
  • Membership includes workplace advice and support, plus professional indemnity insurance backed by Berkley Insurance.

PPA Complete

$63.33per month
$63.33per month
  • tax-deductible
  • Membership includes legal representation, professional indemnity insurance backed by Berkley Insurance, collective bargaining, and CPD.