Professional Pharmacists Australia is a proud supporter of the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) – a free service available to all pharmacists.

The PSS is an independent incorporated association supported by the profession which provides support to Australian pharmacists.

Visit the Pharmacists Support Service website 

Phone 1300 244 910 for the cost of a local call.

Please note that this is NOT a general public enquiry or support line.

When can you ring?

The service provided by the PSS is available 365 days of the year from 8.00am to 11.00pm. If the phone is not answered within 10 rings leave your number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

For urgent assistance when we are not available call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

What kind of issues can the Service help me with?

Work-related stress, trauma from a hold-up, professional and personal concerns. In addition to being a listening ear, the volunteer counsellors provide information, support and referrals to appropriate services.

Are the volunteer pharmacists taking my call trained?

Yes. All pharmacists involved as volunteers receive extensive training in peer support and telephone counselling. The volunteers are also supported by an extensive network of professional counsellors and support groups.

Is my call confidential?

The service is discreet and anonymous. You are not required to disclose your identity. Your call will be treated confidentially unless you or someone else is at risk of harm.

I know a pharmacist who could use the services. Can I ring you?

We do accept calls from colleagues, friends and family. However, all our calls are subject to privacy legislation. We also welcome any suggestions or feedback that may help us improve our outreach work.

I would like to become a volunteer

The Pharmacists’ Support Service is always on the lookout for new volunteers – contact the PSS for more information.

Why Call?

  • Are there times when you wish you could pick up the phone and talk to someone about issues that are stressing you?
  • Have you been victim to a hold-up?
  • Have you lost interest in your job?
  • Are you feeling overworked?
  • Are you anxious and stressed?
  • Are you concerned about your drug and alcohol use?
  • Do you have mental health concerns?
  • Do you have concerns about personal and family issues?
  • Are you feeling out of control or experiencing business pressures?
  • Are you uncertain about your future?