Join Professional Pharmacists Australia.

Pharmacists are essential public health professionals, and you deserve respect, not a pay cut.

PPA has a new membership offer for employee pharmacists which includes professional indemnity insurance, it’s more affordable than others on the market.

Check out PPA Protect below.

PPA Protect

$17per month
$17per month
  • Information updates from PPA, PI insurance backed by CGU that you can depend on.
  • Pi Insurance

  • Access to webinars + seminars

  • Support a 30% pay rise claim


PPA Assist

$34.92per month
$34.92per month
  • Insurance plus workplace advice and support.
  • Pi Insurance

  • Continuing Professional Development

  • Access to legal advice

PPA Complete

$62.33per month
$62.33per month
  • The complete package: individual support, insurance, collective bargaining and CPD.
  • Full package

  • Pi Insurance

  • Legal representation when needed

The information provided on this website is appropriate only for persons living within Australia. This website, and the materials and information found on this website, only contain general information about PPA, and we encourage you to read all the relevant policies to ensure PPA membership and insurance coverage is right for your circumstances. New membership options available to new members only. If you would like advice on the appropriateness of this insurance policy for your individual circumstances do not hesitate to contact Professionals Australia Insurance Brokers (AFSL 244436) on 1800 800 998 or

  • An existing PPA Protect and PPA assist members who wish to upgrade their membership in order to access services available at a higher level of membership will be required to pay an upfront fee equal to three months of the membership fee at the level they want to access before the services at this level can be provided.

  • A new PPA Complete members who wish to have a pre-existing matter addressed by the Association’s National Legal and Industrial staff will be required to pay an upfront fee equal to three months of the membership fee in order to access those services.

  • A new PPA Complete member who wishes PPA to assist with a pre-existing underpayment claim, will be assisted to prepare their claim if they pay an upfront payment equivalent to three months membership fee. Iif they wish to have PPA file the application in the Court they will be required to pay an additional upfront payment of twelve months membership fee.